Self Guided Walking Tours

The Western Way Route 1

3 days / 2 nights

Day 1: Erriff Valley – Sheeffry
Walking time about 4 hours + 100m

On this walk you will pass through mountains, valleys and lakes. You will experience the wild open countryside that Mayo has to offer. You will get to see the mountain ranges of Mayo and Connemara, walk through pine forests and streams and sit for a while to admire the beautiful scenery around you. As you descend along the small road to the base of the Sheeffry Mountains the valley of Drummin spreads out below. Old potato fields dating back 200 years can be spotted in the hillsides.

Day 2: Erriff River – Leenane
Walking time about 3 hours

This walk takes you along the gentle flowing Erriff River with Maumtrasna Mountains shadowing you on the way. The Erriff is an excellent salmon fishing river as it flows to its destination to the Killary Harbour.  Ashleigh Falls is a lovely spot to stop and maybe get to see the salmon leap. This normally occurs around July and August and is a rare sight to see. You are surrounded by Mountains until the river gives way to the Fjord and out to the Atlantic. The walk continues on road from here to Leenane

Day 3: Kylemore - Leenane
Walking time about 3.5 hours – 14km +150m

From Inagh Valley we pass through two of the largest mountain ranges in Connemara. Here you will be see the ruminants of a bygone age of Ireland. Old potato ridges are still visible on the mountains when the sunlight bounces off them. These are a reminder of the famine of 1845 to 1849. You will also see ruins of old buildings from these times. The trail then takes us through a forest and onto the wide open spaces alongside the Killary Harbour. Our walk finishes in the village of Leenane at the mouth of the Fjord.